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Our Mission

Our mission is to assist dog owners in choosing a truly qualified, knowledgeable and experienced dog walker, and to maintain a network of like-minded dog walkers who operate under a strict code of conduct and ethics.

We aim to keep the business of professional dog walking as it should be: focused on force-free care and safety, continuing education, and respect for the community.

About Us

We are a group of small businesses dedicated to being the best pet care providers we can be, and to fostering strong relationships with each other, and with all of our clients, both human and canine.

In the UK, the dog walking and pet care industry has seen a recent boom . We set the standard of professionalism in the industry, and believe that it takes a lot more than a website and a love of dogs to make a dog walker a true professional. In an industry without any set standards or regulatory body, we have come together to create our own association to protect dogs and owners in South London.

Unlike other associations, membership cannot be purchased; it must be earned by experience and excellence.

All dog walkers within our network work together to support one another professionally, and are available to one another in the event of an emergency. All members are expected to conduct themselves professionally at all times, and to act as ambassadors for our industry.

Membership is free, and extended exclusively to the most experienced, vigilant and reputable dog walkers in South London.

All members can provide client references providing proof of excellent service , and also have references from other professionals in the pet care industry, including veterinarians, professional dog trainers and behaviourists.

The Code of Conduct/Requirements for Eligibility is designed to set a higher standard for pet care in this rapidly expanding industry, and to let our clients know exactly what they (and their dogs) deserve to expect from their pet care provider. The members of this network are dedicated to improvement in order to put your dog’s safety and well-being above all else.

Code of Conduct and Requirements for Eligibility

• Members must have a spotless record, free from any known complaints from owners/clients.

• Members must be focused on the dogs in their care at all times, whether on or off-leash.

• Members will never tether a dog and leave it unattended for any length of time.

• Members will make every effort to ensure that the dogs in their care are always safe, at ease, and under control.

• Members will exclusively use force-free, positive training methods.

• Members will strive to improve and expand their pet-related education through studying, apprenticing and/or attending seminars and courses.

• Businesses will not hire unqualified employees, and will provide adequate one-on-one training prior to employees working unsupervised.

• Members will commit to being honest, reliable, communicative and accessible to clients.

• Members will be a source of support, advice and education for their clients.

• Members will educate themselves on, and abide by their boroughs bye-laws.

• Members will conduct themselves professionally and show respect for the community, its parks, residents, dog wardens and Parks Police at all times.

• Members will come to the aide of any dog in distress, regardless of whose care the dog is under.

• All businesses will have up-to-date insurance, valid licenses (where available) and be CRB checked.

• All businesses will be registered with HMRC

• Businesses must provide references from clients in an existing relationship, in addition to letters of reference from other pet care providers, including at least 2 of the following: veterinarian, certified dog trainer, certified canine behaviourist, professional dog walker

Membership is at the Founders discretion.

Nothing on the website is intended to create any form of contractual or legal relationship and is for information purposes only.